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Bexley’s Tories can’t be trusted on the NHS

Before the 2010 General Election, the Conservatives in Bexley claimed to be friends of the NHS.  Indeed, they were so concerned about plans to re-organise health services in South East London, they went on marches and vigils to “protect” Queen Mary Hospital Sidcup.

After the election, the Conservatives went ahead and closed the Maternity and Accident & Emergency Services at QMS.

Now a local resident has discovered a secret plan in board papers for South London Healthcare NHS Trust to close the hospital altogether and “rationalise” the services onto two other sites, in order to cut 700 jobs.


Before the election: Bexley Tories and local MP David Evennett said Labour’s restructuring threatened Queen Mary’s and produced posters saying “SOS QMH”. They organised vigils and marches and said they would “save” the hospital.
Now: A secret plan to close the hospital thanks to Tory cuts has been revealed. (See ITV London news 25 Jan 2012)

Before the election: In 2008, Tory Health spokesman Andrew Lansley visited Bexley and promised to keep the A&E services and maternity services at QMS open if the Tories won power (See Bexley Times, 22 April 2010)
Now: Within months of winning power, the Tories closed A&E and Maternity services at QMS with Lansley saying “The proposals to temporarily close A&E and maternity services have been …supported by an independent review. I support this action”. (See Letter from Lansley to David Evennett, 24 November 2010)

Before the election: David Cameron promised that spending on the NHS would rise every year – posters said “I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS”
Now: The Tories are cutting 48,000 nursing places across Britain and £20bn from the NHS budget

Before the election: waiting lists were at a record low
: Andrew Lansley removed or reduced Labour’s waiting time targets. The result has been that an independent report revealed that the number waiting more than 18weeks across the UK has risen by 48% since Labour left office. In our own local NHS South London Healthcare area, more than 1,000 people have been waiting a year or more for treatment – one of the worst in the UK. (See Guardian article, 14 October 2011)

Before the election: David Cameron promised “No top down reorganisation” in the NHS
Now: The Tories have embarked on the biggest ever top-down reorganisation of the NHS, which will cost £3.45bn and which Doctors, Nurses and the House of Commons Health Select committee say is a dangerous distraction which will not result in better healthcare for patients